Commit 39af4ffc authored by Siebers, Michael's avatar Siebers, Michael
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allow webapi user to read/write theory_bg.db

parent d0178e18
......@@ -386,8 +386,7 @@ system_test:prepare_container:
extends: .system_test:run
- cp -f tests/api/${TEST_NAME}-theory_bg.db theory_bg.db
- ls -la theory_bg.db
- cat theory_bg.db
- chown webapi theory_bg.db
- swipl --user webapi --log access.log
- newman run tests/api/${TEST_NAME}-tests.json -e tests/api/env.json -d tests/api/${TEST_NAME}-data.json --reporters junit --reporter-junit-export="api-report.xml" --bail
- swipl --shutdown
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