Commit 3e22d30d authored by Siebers, Michael's avatar Siebers, Michael
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Merge branch '60-api-reacts-to-wrong-methods' into '23-system-tests-only'

Apply the new system tests on the changed API

See merge request cogsys/dare2del/demonstrator!24
parents f90ec879 2d765337
......@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@ http:location(js, doc(js), [ priority(100) ]).
:- http_handler(root(bg/add), set_bg, [method(post)]).
:- http_handler(root(bg/show), get_bg, [method(get)]).
:- http_handler(root(bg/remove), clear_bg, [method(post)]).
:- http_handler(root(bg/clear), clear_all_bg, []).
:- http_handler(root(bg/clear), clear_all_bg, [method(post)]).
/* Handlers for irr & explanation */
:- http_handler(root(irrelevant/file), handle_irrelevant(file), [method(post)]).
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