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## DARIAHSP - Sample boot app

This Spring Boot application serves as simple reference implementation of the [dariahsp-core](../dariashp-core) library. The sample is based on Java ServerPages (JSP) for view rendering and presents itself with login, logout and protected areas.
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> See the JavaDoc for further explanation on the components of the sample application

### Initialization

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1. [`SampleApplication`](/src/main/java/eu/dariah/de/dariahsp/sample/ is the Spring Boot application class and handles initialization

### Configuration

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2. [`SampleConfig`](/src/main/java/eu/dariah/de/dariahsp/sample/config/ serves as primary application configuration class; it defines the beans of 
    * `profileActionPostprocessor` (optional) for processing of login and logout activity, 
    * `samlMetadataController`, a controller bean that facilitates access to metadata of the SP and
    * `webServerFactoryCustomizer` for changing the context path of the application

    > With a optional custom implementation of the `profileActionPostprocessor`, the `SampleConfig` class can be used as a starting point for configuring futher aspects of the implementing application

3. [`SampleSecurityConfig`](/src/main/java/eu/dariah/de/dariahsp/sample/config/ - by extending the basic `SecurityConfig` class - imports the beans and configuration of the core library; it further imports configuration of the `AuthInfoConfigurer` class; The `@ConfigurationProperties(prefix = "auth")` annotation provides all configuration properties to the implemented `dariahsp-core` configuration

    > The `SampleSecurityConfig` can be used 'as is' in other implementations as all security-related beans are soundly configured

4. [`SampleWebSecurityConfig`](/src/main/java/eu/dariah/de/dariahsp/sample/config/ is the basic `WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter` of the sample application and specifies URL and authorization patterns that are specific to the sample application

    > The `SampleWebSecurityConfig` can be used as a starting point for configuring protected areas of the implementing application, but will probably require adaption to existing requirements

### Controllers

5. The [`SampleController`](/src/main/java/eu/dariah/de/dariahsp/sample/controller/ configures the request mappings and views of the sample application

6. [`ErrorController`](/src/main/java/eu/dariah/de/dariahsp/sample/controller/ as implementation of Spring's `BasicErrorController` configures handling of exceptions that could occur in the application. For the sample application, all errors (e.g. 403 errors attempting to access protected areas) are dispatched to the `index` view, providing error messages

### Profile actions

7. [`SampleProfileActionHandler`](/src/main/java/eu/dariah/de/dariahsp/sample/profiles/ is an empty implementation of the `ProfileActionHandler` interface - a bean provided that is setup in [`SampleConfig`](/src/main/java/eu/dariah/de/dariahsp/sample/config/ Customize behavior upon login and logout e.g. to persist user information in a database or to load save custom attributes of users and adding them to the attribute set of the handled `ExtendedUserProfile`

### Resources

8. [`application.yml`](/src/main/resources/application.yml) is a sample application configuration provided with this application 
9. [`logback.xml`](/src/main/resources/application.yml) customizes logging through [logback](
10. [`sample_keystore.jks`](/src/main/resources/application.yml) is an example Java KeyStore that can be used for initial testing

### JSP views

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11. [`index.jsp`](/src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/views/index.jsp) is the main view of the sample application that serves all succeeding and error requests.
12. [`login.jsp`](/src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/views/login.jsp) is the form for querying username and passwords of `local` logins.