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1328: Fix integrations view not loaded for result

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......@@ -129,12 +129,12 @@ public class ItemController extends BaseController {
@GetMapping(value = "/data")
public @ResponseBody String getItem(@PathVariable String type, @PathVariable String itemId, @RequestParam(name="type") String dataType, Model model, Locale locale, HttpServletResponse response) throws IOException {
ExtendedDatamodelContainer datamodel = datamodelService.findById(type);
JsonNode itemSource = itemService.getItem(datamodel.getIndexName(), itemId, locale, dataType.equals("integrations"), dataType.equals("original"));
JsonNode itemSource = itemService.getItem(datamodel.getIndexName(), itemId, locale, dataType.equals(RootElementKeys.INTEGRATIONS.toString()), dataType.equals(RootElementKeys.CONTENT.toString()));
ResultElement item = itemService.renderResultElement(itemSource, datamodel.getIndexName(), itemId, locale);
if (dataType.equals("integrations")) {
if (dataType.equals(RootElementKeys.INTEGRATIONS.toString())) {
return item.getIntegrationHtml();
} else if (dataType.equals("metadata")) {
} else if (dataType.equals(RootElementKeys.META.toString())) {
return item.getMetadataHtml();
} else {
return item.getContentHtml();
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