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441: Fix issues related to deployment of upcoming v4-release (OPENED)

Task-Url: #441
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...@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ public class WebConfig implements WebMvcConfigurer { ...@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ public class WebConfig implements WebMvcConfigurer {
@PostConstruct @PostConstruct
public void completeConfiguration() { public void completeConfiguration() {
if (localization.getBaseNames()==null) { if (localization.getBaseNames()==null) {
localization.setBaseNames("classpath:i18n/messages","/themes/" + theme + "/i18n/theme"); localization.setBaseNames("/themes/" + theme + "/i18n/theme", "classpath:i18n/messages");
} }
} }
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Subproject commit d3f821ebc77887ef7a77fdd87425204ff1ce2023 Subproject commit 98b4a7ae99e6a01dbbfc01a3b2727d8dac7501b7
Subproject commit f6e2c518948724de99b421b443b7fe6bcd3ec7a6 Subproject commit e6a2eda558cc14639c280e7675d56eeeef76fb25
Subproject commit 2547ae4041a0dd3e955610572bab52b6ad02cb64 Subproject commit ca3a326802f6611b15f3cbf333ffb74f8773f5e0
Subproject commit acf6fd4809fdcba368f93e8834f88716081c9fda Subproject commit bffbb96dde2114c810ead39f0f8a7f31a053f8e8
Subproject commit 91e5970537f44b58dbe598a7f4eee11786c42bd2 Subproject commit a045dd9f2ce65f5005d4975f3e76dca774f411d4
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