Commit 6657bfec authored by Gradl, Tobias's avatar Gradl, Tobias
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441: Fix issues related to deployment of upcoming v4-release (OPENED)

Task-Url: #441
parent 95a4263c
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......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ allprojects {
apply plugin: 'eclipse'
group = ''
version = '4.3.9-SNAPSHOT'
version = '4.3.10-SNAPSHOT'
repositories {
Subproject commit 90cbed2c64e2e6993daf2abeb92a56cdda27f3f2
Subproject commit 74d1ebdee88f8745300af6dc190d8e6383ea8b8e
Subproject commit 1feafba0d8b4405dee29615c569d88f97c6ad723
Subproject commit 920f8ae93ddacfa599f155fa0ea8f7081a73a7e4
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